Kickstarter of the Week: Dungeon Fog, an RPG map-making tool

Welcome back to Kickstarter of the Week, where we feature crowd-funding projects for upcoming games and game-related accessories.

This week we’re highlighting Dungeon Fog, a dynamic tabletop map-making and RPG tool.

In short, you’ll be able to make RPG maps quickly and easily with Dungeon Fog.

But our favorite feature involves creating dynamic notes tied to sections of your map as you make it.

Dungeon Fog’s editor will let you draw rooms and place objects in your map. And when you place an object or create a new room, the software will automatically generate GM notes for each room. Then you’ll be able to edit that information and add stat blocks, read aloud text, random tables, drawings and whatever else you want.

In short, it writes the adventure information for you as you make the map.

I’ve played around with Dungeon Fog’s pre-alpha software, and it’s really easy to use.

The editor feature lets you click and draw rooms quickly, and it automatically fills in walls and floor textures. Then you can drop in furniture, treasure chests, doors and other objects to fill each room. You’ll also be able to upload your own objects and textures.

And they look really good.

I’ve drawn lots of crude dungeon maps, but these are effortless and look fantastic.

After, you’ll be able to export the maps as printable items or for online services such as Roll20. You’ll also be able to use them with a projector, TV or tablet while you game. Dungeon Fog will show the map, and the GM can reveal it one room or location at a time.

So far, the campaign has raised more than $11,000 of its $17,000 goal.

Pledging to support Dungeon Fog will grant you access to its beta and a subscription to its premium service when it launches. Higher tiers allow access into the alpha and longer subscriptions.

Pledge a lot of money, and you can get a lifetime subscription, early access to new features, printed maps, your face as an NPC token, a visit to their offices and a bunch more.

The full version is planned to launch in 2018.

Support Dungeon Fog’s Kickstarter here.

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