Kickstarter of the Week: Old-School Essentials Fantasy RPG Box Sets

Do you miss the old box sets?

A recently-launched Kickstarter features two box sets that will remind you of the old Dungeons & Dragons sets released back in the day by TSR.

There are currently 29 days to go with more than $500,000 raised. (Far above the $100,000 initial goal.)

The Classic Box Set features a set of five digest-sized hardcover books laying out the fantasy RPG, which features seven character classes, more than 100 spells, more than 200 monsters and more than 150 magic items.

The Advanced Box Set, available with a higher pledge, has four more hardcovers featuring an additional 15 character classes, more than 100 additional spells, 120 extra monsters and 150 more magic items as well as optional advanced rules.

Each box is available for a $60 pledge, and a pledge for both boxes will run you $100.

Numerous stretch goals have already been reached, and they’re largely digital adventures or upgrades to the box set and book quality.

These are essentially box sets of digest-sized versions of the Old School Essentials Fantasy RPG, which was previously published by Necrotic Gnome and Exalted Funeral, which is also behind this Kickstarter. This isn’t strictly D&D but an OSR expansion of early D&D rules. The Kicstarter page says the rule system features “light, easily modified rules (that) put the focus of play on shared imagination, improvisation, and fun. Modern formatting and layout make the game easy to learn and a breeze to reference during play.”

If you’re curious about the rules, publisher Necrotic Gnome offers a 56-page Basic Rules PDF for free on its website.

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