5 zombie games we’d love to play

Nothing is scarier than the zombie apocalypse.

But is anything more fun than games set during a wild outbreak of undead?

We thought so.

Just as there are countless depictions of zombies on TV, in video games, comics, and movies (check out these must-see zombie movies at hellhorror.com), there are tons of tabletop board games and RPGs, too.

We took a look at the field and selected five games we’d love to roll through on our next game night.



If there’s a game that encompasses the utter havoc of a zombie outbreak, it’s Zombicide. Don’t run into the zombies. Don’t shoot your friends. Work together to survive the oncoming apocalypse.

Plus, we love the idea of the expansions. Zombicide has several “seasons” that act as expansions or as standalone games. Plus there are extra sets of survivors, a set of zombie heroes and various sets of extra zombies and animals. (And zombie animals.)

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Zombie Dice

zombie dice

All that comes in the box are 13 dice and a rule sheet. That’s all you need to play Zombie Dice. In the game, you’re a zombie after some brains and the dice are your victims.

Some rolls will come up brains (yay!), some will come up with feet (pesky humans ran away) and some will come up with shotgun blasts (ouch!). Collect as many brains as you can before you get blasted.

It’s a simple mechanic, but it makes for a fun party game. Plus there are ways to play it safe or risk more shotgun blasts.

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The main thing we love about Zpocalypse are the minis. The game features some beautiful, beautiful minis and its expansions come with even more. They’re very nice pieces.

Of course there’s also the gameplay, which puts you and your squad in a basement. Each turn, you have to fortify your base of operations and head out to gather supplies. Shooting zombies is a big part of the game, but the survival aspect makes this game feel like our favorite zombie movies and comics.

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City of Horror


In most zombie games, it’s all about how you deal with the zombies. In City of Horror, it’s all about how you deal with your opposing players.

Your goal is to survive, and in this game that often means backstabbing your fellow players. As you flee from the encroaching zombie hoard, the players decide who to push in front of the brain-hungry undead.

The power dynamic changes as players use special abilities, have their characters take antidotes or see their characters die. It sounds like zombie survival turned into a backstabbing party game. We’re in.

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Last Night on Earth

Usually, you’re the noble hero trying to escape (or kill) the undead horde.

In Last Night on Earth, you can actually be the undead horde.

For starters, you set up a the game board that represents a town. Then players pick either the zombies or the heroes. Various scenarios are available to keep it away from always being “kill the other guy.” Then the fun begins and the zombies encroach upon the heroes and the heroes have to fight back.

The scenarios give it a cinematic vibe, but its horror film feel goes to even bigger heights with photographic artwork and an included soundtrack CD. So far, there are also several expansions.

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