Gamer’s Gift Guide: 8 things to put on your Christmas list

Whether you’re looking for games to stock the Christmas list your mom just asked you for, you’re someone shopping for the game fanatic in your life or you’ve got some extra holiday cash to spend on yourself, we’ve got some ideas. Most gamers know everything there is to know about their games and they have every game under the sun. For example, what to do you buy someone that knows the Current world of warcraft player count and everything else about that and every other game? Well, we have some ideas for you.

We’re here to help those of you shopping at the last minute with some items – games, accessories and related items – that may or may not be on our own Christmas list.

Check out our Gamer’s Gift Guide with helpful links to purchase the items.

D&D Attack Wing

Dragons fighting dragons. What’s not to like? Based on the same system as Star Wars: X-Wing and Star Trek: Attack Wing, this Dungeons & Dragons-flavored version features those scaly terrors battling it out in mid-air combat. Where do we sign up?

First, get the starter set, which retails at $49.99. Then there are expansions including more dragons as well as wizards, engines of war, giants and more.

Beholder dice bag

We love our trusty Crown Royal bags and the ones we have from Q Workshop, but we’d give them all up for a crack at the Beholder. The bag was originally made for Table Titans‘ Kickstarter project and we rejoiced when we found out they’d be available to the general public.

Get it for $20 over at welovefine.

D&D’s 5th edition Starter Set

If you have a friend interested in D&D or in 5th edition, this is a great place to start. (If you couldn’t tell by the name, right?) The box has all the stuff for five people to play include fully-made characters, dice, rules and a pretty robust adventure. Plus, you can easily find it online at Target while you’re shopping for your non-gamer friends and family, and maybe even save some money if there’s a target coupon available to use.

And it’s only $19.99. Why don’t you have this yet?

The Art of Destiny

The game is huge and fun and gorgeous. Did we mention gorgeous? It’s gorgeous. So check out this book if you’re into the game or art or both. You can enjoy this one without even having played the game because… wait for it… it’s gorgeous. (We’re having a hard time thinking of another word. It’s just that nice.)

Get it for $45.

The Banner Saga

Beautifully animated cutscenes and a gridded battle system that looks a lot like my favorite map-and-mini tabletop games mean this viking RPG sounds incredible. We haven’t played, but that’s going to change soon.

Available on lots of platforms over at Steam for $19.99.

XCOM: The Board Game

A good way to get your video game-loving friends onto the tabletop is to give them this game, which adapts XCOM to board game without losing the experience of the video game.

OK, it’s not available yet. But a gift card for $59.99 to Fantasy Flight’s online store means your favorite gamer can order it after the holidays.

It could also be useful for office workers who enjoy playing video games to keep their minds occupied. Employee gift card programs can help businesses save money on taxes, depending on the amount given away. Employers can always choose gift cards as a Christmas or New Year’s gift, which they can purchase in bulk from gift card resellers.

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

There’s one thing you can’t do in your favorite pen and paper RPG and that’s play alone. Sure, there are solo adventures out there, but none are as fun as the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game where you go on adventure after adventure.

Check out the Skull & Shackles set, which is based on the swashbuckling, sword-swinging, pirate-filled adventure path from the Pathfinder RPG. It retails for $59.99 but you can get it at Amazon for $35.99 and there are a lot of expansions available.

Jabba Claus

We have no words.

Just buy it.

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