Gaming Rituals: What are yours?

Everyone has traditions and rituals they do when they play games. Whether you like to spend a while getting yourself prepared to sit and play Xbox for hours, or use a certain device to access your Tether casino – everyone does something in preparation for playing games. You might be into gambling, or you might be into VR, but those who game will definitely have traditions they stand by.

Gaming traditions have changed as things like multiplayer games have grown in great popularity. There’s those who down a can of Monster Energy before getting into a Fortnite session. Some tech-savvy (and possibly paranoid) gamers never go to a match without turning on their best gaming vpn in order for them to have the least latency when playing online. Perhaps the greatest modern ritual is cleaning down the padding of the VR headset before putting it on. Trust me, that’s a great way to prevent rashes.

For me, gaming rituals aren’t just for video games. Every time I start a new tabletop RPG campaign, I designate a set of dice to be used by my new character. For campaigns I’m excited about, I’ll even go out and buy a new set of dice. (I did just that for the launch of my first D&D 5e campaign.)

I also take pleasure in the little ritual of setting up my Xbox – get out the controllers, wipe they down, turn the TV to the right source, hit the button. The tiny bit of anticipation knowing I’m going to play for a few hours is amazing. Beforehand, I like to have a look on sites like AdremGaming to see if there are any new products I can’t live without like a new gaming chair or computer.

It’s the little things that gets me excited about gaming. Of course, my little traditions aren’t the only ones out there.

Some are done for fun. Some are done for superstitious reasons. Some are done to calm the nerves before the game begins. Most of them don’t really have anything to do with playing the game itself.

Some I’ve heard of:

> Replay the same video game once a year.

> Bring the same snack to every gaming session.

> Clean up the house. (Makes for fewer distractions while playing.)

> Read the manual/rulebook before you play. (Though not many games have manuals these days, people often look at guides like eso sorcerer builds instead.)

> Eat the same food every time you game. (Ever heard of gamer trail mix? Doritos and MnMs galore!)

> Wear colors that match your team/party/clan. (or similar to that, wearing the same clothes every time you game. Some people just can’t go without their gaming onsie!)

> Roll your dice the same way every time.

> Sit in the same chair.

> Break every breakable item you come across. (This is me in every Zelda game. There might be rupees in there…)

> Only play certain games on certain days or times of day.

> Always play as the same character/color/team.

So what is your gaming ritual? What do you have to do every time you game? Let’s hear it!

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