Pathgrinders Season 2 is here!

The Pathgrinders are back!

Your favorite Pathfinder podcast has returned. (Favorite may be wishful thinking, but bear with us.)

The Pathgrinders – 3 Die Deep crew has more hi-jinks in the city of Magnimar in this actual play podcast.

While Job the dwarf is M.I.A., a cleric named Navin considers offering his services to the city guard! But first, the barbarian, Ferd, that the guys have been hunting leads the guys on a chase through the dockway!

Join up with GM John Bunger as he leads Crit For Brains editor Kevin Coffey (as Duke Laloosh), Jared Cvetas (as Flynt Locke), John Littrel (as Druce) and Carl Smith (as Navin) through the streets of Magnimar.

Listen below or subscribe on iTunes!

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