Dive into Pathfinder with the latest Humble Bundle


You’ve surely heard of Humble Bundle.

The pay-what-you-want storefront sells games and splits profits between charity and the developers.

Starting today, they’re offering pretty much every Pathfinder rulebook you’d need to start a campaign for a very tiny sum.

In short, it’s $350 worth of RPG supplements for $25. (There are even cheaper tiers, too.)

If you’ve never played, you really ought to check it out. If you have some Pathfinder books but you’ve been dragging your feet on buying more, now is the time.

There’s enough stuff offered there for anyone to dive deep into the roleplaying game with a very, very minimal investment.

Oh, and if you didn’t already know, Pathfinder is a tabletop RPG with a ruleset based on D&D’s 3.5 edition that has greatly expanded the game.

Let’s break down what you get:

• By donating $1 or more, you get PDFs of the beginner box set, the core rulebook and supplements including the GameMastery Guide, Player Character Folio, Advanced Class GUide, GM Screen and the Hell’s Bright Shadow adventure. (Part 1 of 6 of the Hell’s Rebel’s adventure path.)

That’s more than enough material for your gaming group to kick off lots of adventures. For $1.

At each further tier, you unlock more stuff.

• For donating more than the average (about $16 right now), you get the strategy guide, Bestiary (Pathfinder’s Monster Manual), Ultimate Equipment, Turn of the Torrent (book 2 of Hell’s Rebels) and the Advanced Player’s Guide.

• The next tier is $15, you get the Ultimate Campaign guide, Ultimate Combat, Bestiary 2, Inner Sea map folio, Dance of the Damned (book 3 of Hell’s Rebels) and a Pathfinder Society book with 23 more adventures.

• And then at $25, you get all that stuff plus a physical copy of Pathfinder’s Beginner’s Box, which has the Hero’s Handbook character creation guide, the Game Master’s Guide, dice, 80 full-color pawns for the tabletop, pregenerated character sheats and a double-sided FlipMat map to play on.

Humble Bundle calculates the total value at $354, but you can get it all for $25.

That’s $&%ing nuts.

If you’ve ever thought about getting into Pathfinder, now is the time.

The offer began today and runs through through March 9.

Check it out here.

Or let the fine folks at Saving Throw break it down for you.

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