Kickstarter of the Week: Conan by Monolith Board Games


Plenty of worth Kickstarters for RPGs, board games, miniatures and terrain are asking for your money. Each week, we’ll highlight one that we think is really cool.

This week, we love “Conan” by Monolith Board Games.

“Conan” is a miniature-based adventure game for 2 to 5 players based on Robert E. Howard’s writings rather than the films or comics.

You fight as Conan and other heroes against a in the pursuit of gold and glory. One to 4 heroes face off against an overlord, a GM with a huge selection of minions as well as his own objectives. It plays almost like an RPG with the heroes trying to thwart the bad guys.

Oh, and the minis. Did we mention the glorious minis? The main box comes with 74 plastic miniatures based off the gorgeous Conan art by Brom and others.

There are two pledge levels, one with the basic box and another with 30 additional miniatures, dice and extra scenarios. Stretch goals have already been unlocked that include 35 extra minis, dungeon dressing pieces, dice and a gameboard.

It’s one hell of an impressive offering.

As of this writing, the campaign has far exceeded its $80,000 goal with more than $500,000 in pledges.

You can make a pledge for the campaign right here, as well as check out multiple videos detailing the rules and gameplay.

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