Introducing Loot Gaming…

viagra generico 50 mg prezzo The new box from Loot Crate is going to be full of gaming items. Awesome.

levitra 2007 lates Of course, they’re focusing on video games. The first box, on sale now at, will be themed “Legacy” and will include items from Elder ScrollsSkyrimSuper Mario Bros.HaloStreet Fighter and Heroes of the Storm.

follow site Yeah. Awesome. We’re in. Shipping for $25 per month, each monthly crate will feature four to six items that revolve around a theme.

go site If you’ve see Loot Crate, you know what you’re getting into. This will be just like that but with gaming related stuff. There’s also going to be digital items including games and DLC.

cheap cialis in usa If the promo image (see above) for Loot Gaming is any indication, there’s gonna be some cool stuff. (I totally want to hang that Skyrim map up in the game room at Crit For Brains HQ.)

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