Random Tables: Horror encounters, monsters and locations

In the service of Game Masters, we’re creating random tables. Each one will be themed to a particular campaign setting, locale or theme, and each one will be usable right from the get-go. Our first is horror.

Have ideas for future random table topics? Drop us an e-mail at critforbrains (at) gmail.com.

Random Horror Encounters

1A fresh corpse.
2A swarm of bats erupts from a tree.
3Wolves howl in the distance. Every few minutes, their howls seem to get closer, but the wolves never appear.
4Three unmarked graves near the side of the road with freshly dug dirt.
5A dancing light gets closer and closer until you see it's a will-o-wisp.
6A withered old woman sits on a cart pulled by a donkey. The cart carries a chest carved with images of severed limbs. It's empty.
7You find a small wooden box, which contains a silver dagger, three wooden stakes and a holy symbol.
8Two werewolves in human form walking down a road.
9A farmer digging a grave.
10Eight skeletons fighting each other.
11A man running down the road. Four zombies are shambling after him.
12An old woman (a hag) pushing a cart full of dead ravens.
13A werewolf howling at the moon.
14A wooden box. When opened, three swarms of rats spill out of the box.
15A small cemetery sit inside a crumbling fence. If you enter the cemetery, two ghosts emerge from graves.
16A skeletal rider atop a skeletal warhorse.
17A werewolf and a pack of four wolves running through the forest.
18A cloaked man with a crossbow tracking a pack of vampire spawn.
19A vampire spawn is on the ground being grappled by a werewolf.
20A vampire feeding on a young woman, who slumps over unconscious when the vampire notices you.

Random Horror Locations

1A coffin-maker's shop.
2A house with a secret room full of torture devices.
3A castle ruin with only one tower still standing.
4An elaborately decorated mansion that is completely devoid of people.
5A lone log cabin in the middle of the woods.
6The temple of a cannibalistic cult.
7An empty city.
8A forest clearing with demonic runes carved into the earth.
9A butcher's shop full of mysterious meats.
10A quiet cornfield.
11A cemetery enveloped in fog.
12A gallows with a body still hanging from a rope.
13An art museum full of grotesque paintings.
14A house that was the site of a horrific slaying.
15A sagging, broken house.
16A cave where an ancient witch is rumored to live.
17A crematorium.
18An underground crypt.
19A graveyard full of disturbed graves.
20A haunted castle ruled by the ghost of a long-dead lord.

Random Horror Monsters

1Swarm of rats
2Swarm of bats
3Swarm of ravens
11Cadaver Golem (Frankenstein's monster)
12Giant Spiders
14Masked Killer
16An angry mob
18Vampire Spawn
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