D&D 5e and Pathfinder remain on top, says latest Roll20 report

Roll20, the virtual tabletop site, released its first quarter report, and D&D’s 5th edition remains on top.

The top four specific games used on the service remain D&D and its offshoots including 5e, 3.5, 4e and Pathfinder.

Behind that are Warhammer and Star Wars, the latter of which has seen an uptick as Fantasy Flight has released more elements of its RPG.

D&D and Pathfinder have been in the top two spots since the reports began back in 2013, but D&D 5e has taken over the top spot since the first quarter of 2015. The latest report places more than 21,000 players participating in more than 16,000 games of 5e.

A full 35 percent of games on Roll20’s service are D&D 5e.

But what’s really impressive is the shear breadth of games happening on Roll20. Dungeon World, GURPS, Mutants and Masterminds, Fate and Call of Cthulhu all have more than 1,000 active players, and there are honestly some games on the list I’ve never heard of.

View the full graphic and numbers below. You can read the full report on Roll20’s blog.

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