Video: How to build a Pathfinder character

Art by John Bunger
Art by John Bunger

Need to build a new character for Pathfinder?

Creating a character for an RPG can be intimidating whether you’re doing it for the 100th time or the very first.

Our expert GameMasters will lead you through the process of making a level 1 character in a new video series, Roll 1Up.

Join our friends John Bunger, GM of the Douglas & Dragons  podcasts, and Wooly Toots as they create a level 1 Elf Fighter.

They kick off the character with a concept and then roll through each step of building the PC, including all that pesky math. (Hint: Using a form-fillable character sheet is very, very helpful.)

Check out the character’s completed PDF character sheet and some other resources on Bunger’s website.

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