Kickstarter of the Week: Nanoarcade, the world’s smallest arcade cabinet

The Nanoarcade measures only about 6 inches tall.
The Nanoarcade measures only about 6 inches tall.

Growing up, my dream was to have an arcade cabinet version of X-Men. As an adult, I still want that. The vision for my basement is part RPG gaming palace and part arcade.

But those arcade cabinets are damn expensive, so maybe the Nanoarcade is better for me. The mini-cabinet is just like the big ones from our youth, but they simply made it tiny.

Now fully funded on Kickstarter, the consoles are powered by AA batteries (which is too bad) and will play any J2ME game (pretty cool since there are thousands).

Check it out.

And I know we all have access to certain arcade games on our PlayStations and Xboxes, but it’s way more fun to play them with a joystick and big red buttons. Vintage arcade games really make you feel like a kid again, and if you really want a blast from the past, there is a check Megatouch @ ForSale.Plus online for people to get for their homes or wherever they want it!

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