Kickstarter of the Week: Custom miniatures from Greenbrier Games

custom minis

Assembling and painting miniatures for your game table often goes well. But what if you have a character that wields two different weapons? Or what if the body and pose of a mini is perfect, but the head or limbs are a bit off?

Usually, you end up cutting off certain pieces, locating them in other minis and doing a lot of dirty, imprecise and weird assembly. It’s like building a miniature Frankenstein’s monster.

Greenbrier Games is aiming to solve that with its customizable minis. These aren’t 3D-printed or anythign like that. These are minis that come with a variety of heads, arms, weapons and other pieces that you switch in and out to get the perfect mini.

Right now, the campaign has raised more than $7,000. It’s goal is $7,500, which they should hit in by the time it closes in a week.

You can pledge right here.

So far, 11 base characters are available, and each has heads and arms you can substitute to customize the piece.

For $15, you can get one mini and some extra custom pieces. Reward levels go all the way up to $100, which gets you all the minis. A mega pledge of $900 gets you all the minis plus a unique mini made just for you. (Two people have already pledged for that.)

Stretch goals haven’t been hit yet, but they include extra minis and custom pieces.

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