Blood by Moonlight - 5e adventure module


Blood by Moonlight - 5e adventure module 00005

A powerful vampire coven seeks the one thing that can bring it down: a powerful magical artifact used to kill many of their undead brothers and sisters.

But their carefully laid plans will be put to the test by a famed monster hunter who knows just where and when the exchange will happen.

Enter the hunter, Lewayne Depettiere, who plans to take the artifact for himself during a nighttime meeting between the coven and the cadre of thieves who stole the Skull of Sahid.

Depettiere just needs one thing: A group of brazen adventurers up for a dangerous job.

Blood by Moonlight is a D&D 5e-compatible adventure module all about vampires, magical artifacts, monster hunters, bloodthirsty covens and a heist.

This adventure book contains:

  • A brand-new gothic horror module
  • New battle maps
  • New 5e monsters and NPCs

Blood by Moonlight is designed as a short adventure module designed to be played at the table over a few sessions. It's perfect to start a campaign or as a drop-in module for use between longer adventures.

Blood by Moonlight is a digital product. After your purchase, an e-mail will be sent to you with instructions on how to download a PDF of the adventure and maps.

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