The best webcomics about gaming and RPGs

We love gaming. And we also love comics.

And we’re willing to bet anyone reading this has spent a healthy amount of time playing games, reading comics and/or gaming in a store that has a rack of board games next to its shelves full of comic books.

So you’re probably just as excited as we are when those two things are combined.

There are a ton of webcomics out there, and a good amount of them are about games. We looked through our bookmarks and recommendations about the best gaming webcomics around picked these: The very best webcomics about gaming and RPGs.

What are your favorites? Drop a link to your fave in the comments.


Up to Four Players


This is a new one, but it’s lovely. Four friends live in London next door to their favorite game shop. The art is spectacular, and its background story about the four Israeli characters living in London is heartwarming and entertaining. And then there’s the ostrich. (Trust us, it’s funny.) We love this comic about gaming nouns in particular. There’s a lot to love here for gamers as well as fandom (comics, movies, etc.) in general.


d20 Monkey


This hilarious and long-running comic from Brian Patterson is all about RPGs and the people who play them. It offers exciting adventure as well as stories about gamers as it alternates between characters in the story and their PCs from their games. Its long story will make you care about the characters, and it will make you laugh. Some strips are one-off jokes about gaming or D&D while others are a part of long-running fantasy adventures. Read it at

Patterson also created his own game world, Karthun, which is a part of the comic and also an upcoming series of game books. (Check out the now-ended Kickstarter project here for a taste.)


Penny Arcade


OK, it’s obvious. Not only the biggest gaming webcomic but the biggest webcomic ever, Penny Arcade is so popular because it’s so good. It also scratches the itch for both video games and tabletop. We especially love their Acquisitions, Inc., adventures including “The Vault of Winter.”

Tiny Wooden Pieces


The everyday life of a group of gamers is pretty funny, especially in the ways they grapple with being gamers. You know how it is: not having time to play games, having too many games, avoiding certain games because of the crippling time/money addiction involved. The art is more photo-realistic cartoony that I typically like, but it works for the strip, which involves mostly emotionally animated conversations between its characters. Read it at


Dave the Direman


Dave, a +5 dire man, navigates the world of pop culture and games along with his friends. Our favorite stuff is when they talk about tabletop games (such as the above X-Wing comic), but some recent stuff about Star Wars and Oculus Rift has been pretty dang good. Read it at


Table Titans


We love Scott Kurtz’s PvP, especially when they get into playing games and D&D. But we love Table Titans, a comic about a gaming group and their D&D adventures. It’s actually sponsored/endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, so it is as close to a session at the table as you can get. We especially love that the strip is divided into seasons, so you can read them one storyline at a time. This is high adventure. Read it at


Order of the Stick


Can we just call it? Yeah, we’re going to: Order of the Stick is a classic. With now more than 1,000 pages up on the site, Order of the Stick is the RPG webcomic. Drawn with simple but emotive and expressive stick figures, this comic is a long-running tale of fantasy adventure with lots of RPG in-jokes thrown in. We love when something is self aware enough to make in-story jokes about new editions, gold points and merchandising. Jump in at the beginning (our recommendation) or start with the latest comics at Giant in the Playground.


Rusty & Co.


Normally, it’s the heroes that band together. But when a rust monster, a mimic and a gelatinous cube (the three most feared monsters in any fantasy RPG campaign) come together to go on their own adventures and become heroes, the results are pretty dang funny. The comic is currently on its eighth storyline, and the art has only gotten better nad better since it has gone on. They also sell rust monster plushes, which is the most awesome/adorable/nerdy thing ever.


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