7 tips for getting the most out of EVE Online

I know EVE Online well, so if you really want to lay with the fickle mistress that she is, let me guide you.

I recently quite the game, but I have amassed more than 2,000 kills through the last four years. I know what’s up.

Don’t fly want you can’t afford to lose… Your ship will explode, your pod will be destroyed. You don’t get it back at respawn. You have to earn it.

Trust is the most precious commodity in EVE You are as good as your word. The good Corporations conduct extensive background checks and want to speak to you on comms, and most have Skill Point and Killboard minimums. It’s as hard getting in to some Corporations in EVE as it is getting a job in the real world. Most of the big Corps are just about as well organized as the real thing. Screw someone over in EVE and it will follow you.

Be patient and tough; Someday all this pain will be useful… Don’t rage and don’t quit at the first sign of adversity. If EVE taught me anything, it’s to have a goal and persevere.

PvP is something you have to try, so don’t close the door before you check to see what’s in the room... A large percentage of the players in Eve never leave High Sec, which is a sad and sorry thing. If they would have come to Null then I’d be able to kill them! But seriously, PvP is the most fun thing about the game, so get out there. Just be careful.

Be respectful in the face of disrespect… EVE has a great player base, but there is a high percentage of assholes. Don’t be one of them.

Be generous to the new bro… Give back to the community. I got to where I was on the backs of others. They taught me how to play. They supported me financially in-game when I needed it. On one of my first NPC missions, a kind pilot in an Assault Frigate who helped me finish. I’ll never forget that. Do your best to pay it forward.

Find a niche that works for you to be stable financially in game… I did planetary industry to support my PvP activities and had more money then I could ever spend on Ships, etc. Find something you like to do, and do it.

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