Tabletop Tales: Crits everywhere!

see Tabletop Tales is regular feature telling of epic battle, epic failures and all-around good times at the gaming table. Submit your own Tabletop Tale here. generic levitra and valium taking together Game: Pathfinder – Carrion Crown Adventure Path

acquistare levitra originale garanzia The Tale: In the game I DM, the party is in the town of Illmarsh investigating a necromatic cult and a stolen artifact. The mayor of the town asks a favor of the party — find out why locals are disappearing — during their investigation of the temple of Gozreh.

go here When pressed in an epic roll of intimidation from the gnome investigator, Xaren, the mayor breaks down and admits that the temple of Gozreh is not what it seems — they are in fact a cult devoted to the Demon God Dagon, and the temple leaders are using the mayor as a puppet.

cialis generico envio 24 horas Since the sheriff is in the cult, the mayor deputizes the party, which heads to the temple feeling empowered by their gods and goddesses.

find and buy pfizer viagra super active canadian drugstore They put a silence spell on the rogue, Haya, and sneak in to explore the temple. They find a side room of cultists worshipping in a small side temple.

go to site Then they roll a rain of crits.

go to site Snowmane the Warpriest rolls a natural 20, confirms the critical and disembowls one priest of Dagon.

Haya later criticals the prelate with a between the eyes crossbow shot of 76 points, killing him.

Xaren and Dunc, a swashbuckler, take on the temple guardian, Chuul. Xaren rolls a critical and does 70 points of damage, allowing their pal, Snowmane, to finish him off.

With the temple cleared, the party is headed to a run-down manor on the hill…

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