Kickstarter of the Week: Ninja All-Stars from Soda Pop Miniatures

source link Lead a team of ninjas competing in the Moonlight Tournament. Win challenges by defeating your enemies and gain the favor of the Moon Princess.

us pharmacy and lasix That’s offerte limitate levitra online Ninja All-Stars. Of course, it’s all done with Soda Pop Miniatures’ excellent chibi minis, game boards and custom dice. If it’s anything like Super Dungeon Explore (Full disclosure: We love Super Dungeon Explore), it’s going to be a blast.

click here Pledge $100 for the game and you get a host of minis, tokens and everything else you need for the game. And there’s a ton of extras – 17 extra minis and some cards to put your ninjas in Super Dungeon Explore – for Kickstarter backers. There are two pledge levels: one gets a game box that includes four ninja teams PLUS two ninja clan boxes. A second pledge level gets you a game box four ninja clan boxes (but none of the ninja teams).

go here It made me wonder what’s in the actual game box when I go buy this at the store? I’m guessing it’s the first pledge level minus the extra clan boxes.

get link Additional clans above and beyond your pledge are $30 each and other minis can be added for $10-$15 each. Getting the complete game (all of the ninja teams and all of the clans) will run you $220 plus shipping.

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cialis usa None of the models are Kickstarter exclusive, but it backers will get this game at a really great price. (Super Dungeon Explore and games like it retail for about $100, so this is a good deal.) I personally like that there’s no exclusives. It sucks when you can’t get a game piece you really want just because you were late to the party.) Anyway, the game has raised more than $300,000 so far and will likely pull in a lot more by the time the Kickstarter closes Monday.

Check out the project here.


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