Kickstarter of the Week: Boss Monster II Have you played Boss Monster? It’s retro gaming fun. It’s a tabletop card game where you build am 8-bit-styled dungeon where heroes meet their doom. Whomever builds the best dungeon using rooms such as Zombie Prisons and Open Graves or monsters such as King Croak (a nod to Bowser) and Cerebellus (a nod to Mother Brain) will defeat the pesky heroes and win the game. It’s a blast, and it feels just like playing your old retro games. Boss Monster 2: The Next Level features 160 new cards as an expansion to the original or as a standalone game.

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does levitra make it bigger For a $25 pledge, you get the game. At $32, you can get a limited edition set with a special box and 12 holofoil cards. (They appear to be holofoil versions of cards that are in the main set.) A $55 pledge gets all that plus a carrying case and some extra “portable pack” cards.

foods with viagra like benefits There are four days to go, and the campaign has already raised more than $200,000.

get link Stretch goals have included extra cards, tokens and a tool that lets you customize and print your own cards. Neato!

source link You can pledge to the Boss Monster 2 campaign right here.

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